Wednesday, June 8, 2011


You know those friends who can make you laugh any time of the day, any place in the world? This girl is one of them. I spent a lovely afternoon at Starbucks with 'Big Gurl Ash' laughing like no other. Yes, we may have gotten a few looks from all the people sitting around us who, honestly, probably just take themselves too seriously, but I don't care. Because I had a great time laughing about the stupidest things ever. And I'd much rather be able to laugh at myself then to worry about every little thing. Pure enjoyment.
After our trip to Starbucks, we went to Target (and ran into Steph!) for some last minute beach essentials. Of course I can't go into that store without getting something that I obviously don't need. So instead of walking out with just sun screen and hair gel, I also walked out with a brand new bathing suit purchase. The good news? At least it was on sale! 
Spent the remainder of the day squeezing all that I could into one tiny suitcase. You see, my friends and I made an agreement that, since we're piling all five of us into just one car, that we need to pack light. (This isn't THAT much of a challenge for me...but I can't really say the same for a few know who you are!) So we all agreed: one bag plus one that we can keep with us in our seats. If all five of us girls pull this off, I'd say it's a pretty big accomplishment! ha!
Also watched a ton of "behind the scenes" Harry Potter on tv and had some awesome grilled salmon courtesy of my dad! Now if only I could fall asleep since I'll be waking up bright and early at 7am! Damn excitement!!

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