Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Because tomorrow...Carly becomes Crippled...

Tomorrow is the day. The day that Carly undergoes her third knee surgery. Yes, I said third. This is the third time that she's torn her ACL. She didn't quit playing sports after her first tear. And not after her second. And she doesn't plan on quitting after this third one either. She's the strongest girl I know. She's determined, and she probably works harder than anyone I've ever come across when it comes to getting back in shape for her sport (whether it be soccer or basketball) to be better and stronger than she was before. She's one hell of an athlete and she's got enough drive, that I'm sure she's going to be amazing once she's back out on the field again sometime in the future.
But back to business; tomorrow is her third surgery. Meaning, tomorrow she becomes...what we like to call: Crippled Carly (it's a recurring theme, we needed a name for it!) So what better way to end her summer of being an active person than with a pool party? How do you throw an awesome pool party for someone who's about to spend the last month of their summer basically confined to a couch? Well, I'll tell you how!

Ingredients for a Bangin' Pool Party:

1. Most importantly: you need great friends. I don't care how you find these friends. You can find them at school, at a sporting event, work, or through other friends. Hell, you can find them online! (although, I don't entirely recommend that)...just find some awesome friends who you know will have a good time doing anything. nothing. everything. all of the above. The point is, you need to know that they're up for a spur of the moment plan and that they're willing to get wet.
2. Good food. Hot dogs and hamburgers do the trick. You'll need a Grill Master (thank you Mrs. N!) and you'll need a grill...obviously. Throw in some pasta salad. Bottles of water. Some soda. And of course dessert. It's not a party without dessert. If you complete item 1 on this list, maybe you can even talk some of your awesome friends into bringing some food. If you do, well those are some serious bonus points.
3. A pool. This item, I would hope, doesn't really need explained. If you're gonna throw a pool're gonna need a pool.
4. Floatation devices: safety first. And you may have a few friends who can't swim. Let's be nice to those few friends.
5. Good music. Again, I wouldn't think that this one needs explanation. But, just in case it does, I'll give it. Good music = sing-a-longs. And sing-a-longs = a good time. Therefore, good music = a good time. It's the simple "If A=B and B=C then A=C" formula. Get it? Good. That was simple.
6. A cool underwater camera to take cool underwater pictures (did you see that one coming?) If you're like me, and you like to document just about every event that you attend, then you're going to need something to withstand the elements. To be there for you, rain or shine. And to capture those underwater moments that a normal camera just couldn't capture. And well...if you bring a normal camera to your Bangin' Pool Party...I don't think you're gonna be looking at those pictures later. RIP normal cameras..
7. Lots of towels: again self explanatory. Ask your awesome friends to bring their own even. If they're awesome, they will!
8. A diving board. And pool toys. And goggles. It's a pool should have these items anyway. If you don't, go get them. Now. Stop reading this...go get them. It's no fun jumping into the deep end if there's no diving board..
9. Fireworks. What better way to end the night than with some incredibly bright and incredibly loud fireworks? It doesn't need to be the fourth of July! In fact...if you throw your party afterrr the fourth, then I'm willing to bet you'll get some pretty kickass discounts on these said fireworks! Set em' off in the street, ooh and awe at how pretty they are, don't worry about whether or not your neighbors are going to wake's summer. it's one night. They'll get over themselves. 
10. An attitude that says: I'm going to have an awesome time tonight. Because when you're surrounded by your best friends, this is the easiest rule to follow...
Enjoying you always, summer nights...


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