Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day Eight...the last of the Day's.

My Day; In Short.

The palm trees on Hollywood Blvd. are unreal.
So tall. So green. So cool.
Katy Perry wore this dress at the 
Hollywood Palladium in 2009.
Isn't it strange to think that these stars 
where something once and then all of a
sudden it's on display for the world to see? 
How ridiculous would it be if this was a normal
occurrence for everyone? It's a pretty silly thought :P
We ate at (probably) the most tourist-y spot in Hollywood
today: The Hard Rock Cafe. But that doesn't mean the food
wasn't delicious! And the company was even better :) Everything
around us was really neat to look at too...and the music was on point!
Hollywood is one poppin' place! Tons of people are
there alllll of the time! And there are sooo many
impersonators in front of the theatre trying to get tips
if you take their picture (hence, the reason why I don't
have any pictures up of them)!! yikes!
These are two stars from the Walk of Fame. I took
the first one for my mom because she's the biggest Rod 
Stewart fan I know! And I took the second one for my 
brother, Jim...well, for obvious reasons ;)
This is the coolest guy I know. He just
picked up his life and moved it to CA...
and you know what? He's gonna do great 
out here :)
Pizza Nights are one of my favorite things
ever. Grab some cheap pizza, pop in a movie,
and a good night is had by all: guaranteed!
A BIG thank you goes out to Brit for letting us
stay these past couple of days at her place and for
letting us crash on her (surprisingly comfortable) pull-out
couch! To the best hostess around: thank you Brit! I love you! :)
And to the best road trip partners around:
I miss you both already. 
And above all, no one forget this :)

Goodbye LA, I hope to be back again soon! Thanks
for the great times and the million memories!
And Harrisburg, I'll be seeing you shortly, I 
hope you're ready for me!

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