Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot (and Dangerous)...

Why do I have the coolest friends ever? Who else would call me unexpectedly, stop by the house, bring me iced coffee, AND hang out for an entire day inside a non-air conditioned (and incredibly hot) house while I waited for the AC man to come and fix our broken (again) AC? That's one else. Just Ash. She's the best. She makes me laugh nonstop. She doesn't care that I never shut up. She sings just as awfully as I do. And can eat just as much. She's a pro at life.
Also spent a wonderful evening with the best dad in the entire world! The three of us made a banginnnnn' dinner together: steak, baked potatoes, and salads. We ate together. We laughed (a lot) together, and we picked some cucumbers together! We bonded with Trey the crazy dog. And then we enjoyed some Harry Potter 7 Part 2 together. Yeah, that's right...I have a dad who is cool enough to watch Harry Potter with. Now THAT is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself ;) 
Ended my night working another midnight premiere. This is two weekends in a row of these things! And another one next weekend too...they're killin' me here. 
Also bought some "Nicole: by OPI" nail polish today with Ash...awesome glitter colors. Justin Bieber-themed. So of course I had to go purple. (it's my favorite color)! We only almost died twice today in the parking lot...but that's besides the point! We're safe. We're glitter-fied. And we're happy! And that's all you need in life, really.

thank you photo booth! :)
and also, happy 100th post!

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