Monday, July 11, 2011

Day Six-LA!

So yesterday was our first full day in California...LA to be exact. We've been spending our nights at Brittany's apartment right outside Beverly Hills. It's the cutest place I've ever seen and it really fits her well. I love it! So anyway, Brit had to go into work for a little while yesterday, so Alex and I went out to lunch at All About The Bread on Melrose. It was delicious! We each got meatball subs and used a very futuristic soda machine (no kidding!) and enjoyed an awesome lunch together :)
Alex at All About The Bread
After lunch, we headed on over to Hermosa Beach (Alex's future living area, we hope!). It was about a 20 minute drive, which is nothing compared to what we've been driving the last couple of days! Traffic is crazy in LA...everyone just moves faster. And the 405 Freeway is INSANE! I think it's five or six lanes, with one lane designated especially for carpools (LA's attempts at going green)...the merges are crazy and so are the people...but as Brit demonstrated, you only have to be here for a couple of weeks to really get the LA way of driving down to a T. ;)

 television crew filming the volleyball tournament
 The Pier at Hermosa Beach
We walked along the boardwalk of Hermosa beach for a while (well, it's not reallly a boardwalk I suppose...there aren't really shops, but lots of beautiful houses instead. EVERYONE is outside on their decks enjoying the beautiful weather, it's really a cool sight to see) and it was really cool because as we got closer to the pier we saw a huuuuge volleyball tournament going crews and everything were there! Teams were even getting interviewed! It was pretty cool. The town was even cooler though...not touristy at all and everyone just seemed like they didn't have a care in the was unlike any place I've ever been to before.
 I wanna come back!!!

We walked up onto the Pier and and looked out over the town and at the beach! There were surfers and skim boarders and tonsss of families...we walked to the end and sat on a bench and just looked out over was so relaxing, and so awesome. The pier (the onland part) is really cool cus it has tons of little shops and places to eat that all seem to be independently owned..everyyyone is outside and every place has water bowls outside for the cute!
 Alex and I on the beach :)

After that, we took a suuuper long walk onto the beach (probably about 4 miles) and dipped our toes into the ocean I can say that I've been to both coasts in just one month! :)
After the beach, Alex and I went to his cousin, Lisa's, house. She was probably one of the nicest people I have ever met. It was funny too, because she and all three of her kids were all redheads so Alex finally fit in somewhere ;) hahahaha  It was a really good time, and I'm so glad I got to meet her after hearing so many nice things about her.
And after THAT, we went back to Brit's and the three of us headed over to The Grove. It's this really cool area of shopping and a market was beautiful. There aren't any cars and there's this huge movie theatre and tons of people! Everything was lit up and and we ate at the Market at a really cool Italian place.

I'm really glad that we had Brit to show us around to all the cool places. We also were there right in time to watch a realllllyyy pretty water show...too perfect.  :)
Brit, Alex, and I about to watch the water show :)

After The Grove, Brit took us to another really cool's part of a museum, but I recognized it from the movie, No Strings Attached. It was this art piece of a bunch of 1920s street looked so pretty  at night. And us being the tourists that we are (well, at least iiiiii am), we had to take some pictures! It's cool to think that so many places in this city are used in movies..and that we've been seeing them all, and standing in the same spots too!
 street lamps from No Strings Attached

 Brit snapping some photos :)
 Brit and Me!

And after seeing these awesome street lamps, we headed back to Brit's and all passed out in the middle of watching a movie...what a great way to end an action-packed day. I'm looking forward to yet ANOTHER awesome day of apartment searching and exploring Hollywood! LA is too cool :)


  1. This is awesome dude! mad jelly about the in and out burger and the lamps look awesome... we red boxed that movie a couple weeks ago too so it's funny, I got your reference. Anyways, glad you are having an awesome time! Stay safe, live it up, and can't wait till you are home to tell me all about it!!!

  2. In N Out was soooo good! When you graduate, we'll roadtrip across the US and eat at In N Out ;) hahahaha
    so glad you got the reference, loved that movie.
    see you in a couple of days! LOVE YOU :)