Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day Seven!


1-3) Took a trek down to Manhattan Beach. It's pretty much right next to Hermosa Beach so it's equally as beautiful. The pier had a cute little restaurant/aquarium on the end. And volleyball nets were everywhere! It's neat to think that they trust people enough to leave nets up and tons of balls out for everyone to use...it's definitely not like that out on the East Coast! We didn't stay there too long, but enough to get the feel of the place. Lovely.
 4) Alex chomping down on some In N Out Burger (yes, again) on our way to Malibu Beach! I don't think I can stress how amaaazing their burgers are! I mean, yes it's fast food...but its soooo much better than McDonalds and Burger King...I'm not sure if I'll be able to eat at either of those places again..they just don't compare!
 5) The 405 Freeway during rush hour...luckily, that's the opposite direction that we were going! And yes, it's like this everyday. Six lanes (sometimes seven) of jam-packed cars!

6-12) Malibu Beach! (This particular spot was called Topanga Beach...yes, Topanga, just like on the show Boy Meets World!) We decided to drive there on a whim and check it out, and it turned out to be really cool. The houses there were ridiculousssss and the waves were too! There were surfers out and a few families by the time we got there. And if you look reeaaallly close, you can see (what we think is) part of Beverly Hills in the distance. We also passed by the Santa Monica Pier which had a little amusement park on it with roller coasters and a ferris wheel...it looked really pretty in the sunlight! It was all really beautiful :)

We decided, that since we've really been on the move since we left a whole week ago (yes, it's been a week...and it's gone sooooo fast)! that we would take today pretty easily and not really have a plan. It was nice to sleep in and laze around for a day and just spend an entire day with Alex before I leave for home tomorrow night. And now Brit is back from work and the three of us are enjoying an Office Marathon before we head out to a restaurant down the street that she loves going to! This entire trip has been too much fun and I can't believe that tomorrow is my last day here. I'm so sad to go, but I know that I have to get back to real life at some point, right? Blahhh! There's still so much to see here!!!! 

Hope everyone is doing well, back home, in Pittsburgh, Jersey, or Philly...wherever you all are! And I'm looking forward to seeing both of my big brothers this week! And my mom and dad! And Treyyyy! And all of my best friends too :) I miss you all! 

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