Saturday, July 2, 2011

This Has Gotta Be the Good Life...

What I Love Most About Summer Summed Up In The Past Three Days

Lunch and Dinner Dates with Old and New Friends!
This is my friend Brit. I started working with her at Regal two years ago and immediately knew that she would be one of the most kind-hearted people that I will ever meet in my lifetime. Seriously, this girl does not have a mean bone in her. She, Carly, and I enjoyed a nice lunch at Atlanta Bread (my favorite place to eat!) before all heading our separate ways for the day. Brit graduated from Penn State and she's now living in LA, waiting to hear if she got the permanent job from her internship. Lucky for me, she got to come back home for a week AND I'll be seeing her out in LA in just a week! On another note, also enjoyed a late night meal at Aroogas with another girl I used to work with, Alex, and a few new friends too.

Trying New Foods!
Alex took Carly and I to an Indian restaurant downtown the other night, called the Delhi Kabab House. It was deeeelicious! I didn't think I would be a big fan of Indian food after Suds brought some to lunch a few years ago...but this was bangin! It was called Chicken Tikka (my spelling may be wayyy off) and although it was a little spicy, the cool cucumber and carrots with it was the perfect combination.  Afterwards, we were still feeling a little hungry so we stopped into Pulumbo's Pizza and had the AMAZING Pittsburgher Pizza. If you haven't tried it yet, I suggest you get your butt riight down there and order a slice immediately. You won't be sorry ;)

Walking Across The Walking Bridge at Sunset
Do I really need to explain this one? I think the pictures are explanation enough. I love the city when it's starting to get dark makes me miss Pittsburgh even more than I normally do! It was really cool passing all the families on the bridge, and looking out to see the boat crossing the river too. It was just simply a beautiful sight. 

Completely Spur of the Moment Decisions to go to the Batting Cage!
While we were downtown, after deciding to go over the walking bridge and stop by City Island...we saw this old man batting away at the batting cages, and with a little persuasion, Alex got both Carly and I to hit a few balls with him. Now I don't mean to braaagggg or anything, but I was on fire! ;) Buttt..I was also in the slowest cage so I guess I can't be toooo cocky :P  It was a lot of fun! I always remember my dad and brothers hitting balls there but I don't ever remember doing it myself. It was pretty funny to all take turns watching each other do something that all of us were definitely nottt pro's at :P

Having My Very Own Cheering Section While Up At Bat!
So while I showed off my killer batting skills at City Island, Carly and Alex thought it would be funny to play the typical "parent roles"...Carly got to be the overly supportive parent who only screams out words of encouragement and takes billions of pictures, and Alex got to be the way too intense parent who only yells out things like "YOU'RE DOING IT ALL WRONG! BEND YOUR KNEES! YOU'RE BETTER THAN THIS!!" It was all really really hilarious actually. I wish everyone could hang out with the two of them together, they crack me up like no other. But anywayyyy, while all of this was going on, we attracted a small group of older men and women who decided to cheer me was pretty cool actually..and I won't lie, I felt awesome.

More Spur of the Moment play in the arcade!
Now, I don't know about you, but I never really take the time to go to arcades and play games. But of course after hitting the batting cages, we had to hit the arcade. Blew some money on tokens and just had a really fun time being the only people in there playing all the games that we wanted to play. I would also like to note that I totally have not lost my basketball skills...yes I did indeed beat Alex. booya! And now I would also like to point out that Carly is indeed the arcade champ!..that girl sure can play some skee ball! We all won some tickets, combined them together, and although we only could each get a lollipop, I'd like to think that we made the guys nights that were working there...we were definitely a sight to see!

Spending Time with my Best Friend and my Boyfriend at the Same Time.
I can't stress how blessed I am to have such amazing people in my life. Alex and Carly got to know each other by working at the Regal, and well that's just made my life that much easier when it comes to hanging out! :P Like I said, these two together can make me laugh like no other. They're both my best friends, really. They know me in and out and being with them both just ensures that I am the happiest person in the world. Who else would enjoy the most random nights in the world with me like these two? It was sort of our "Carly says Goodbye to Alex!" night...I'm gonna miss nights like this the most for sure once summer is over. 

Sunny Days at the Pool with my Best Friends!
It's awesome having friends with pools. Especially when you can walk to their house! Spending days laying out by the pool, swimming, listening to music, and making strawberry smoothies is definitely one of my favorite past times. Nothing beats it really, and that's all there is to say about that ;)

Taking Goofy Pictures on PhotoBooth!
Simple, yes. But incredibly hilarious when it all comes down to it. There's nothing better than laughing your brains out about being...well, immature. Everyone needs to be that way sometimes :)

Other Things That I've Loved Lately:
1. sleepovers with the BFFs!
2. hilarious Conan episodes.
3. cuddling with the best dog everrrr, Trey :)
4. watching Big Fish, one of my favorite movies of all time.
5. coffee and bagels in the morning. 
6. riding around with the top down on my car with Carly!
7. late night talks with Steph over a bag of Twizzlers.

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