Sunday, July 17, 2011

Goodbye Weekend!!!

missing you :)
I wanna go back to Californiaaaaa!!!

Today marks the end of my hell weekend at work! Four days and 33 hours of popping popcorn, selling tickets, filling sodas, and talking to customers...some who were not so nice I might add! It's been KILLING me that all these people get to see Harry Potter before I even get a chance! (that's right, I haven't even gotten a chance to see it yet!) I think my family utilizes the 'free movies' perk more than I do lately!

But anyway, this is one weekend that I am happy to see go. As for my brothers being gone, not so much :( I really wish I would have gotten more time to hang out with them...guess I'll just have to plan a trip to Philly! (another adventure)! So tomorrow marks my first day off and I'm definitely taking advantage of it with a girls day. Can't wait to spend some time with Ash, Steph, Carly, and Rach. I love my best friends :) 


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