Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Can I Have Butter On That??"

Hunter. Latifah. Jason. and Myself.
Reegz Crew #1748

So tonight marked the Midnight Premiere of Harry Potter 7 Part 2.
Naturally, I was working.
Luckily, I had the best crew ever on my side.
1,948 tickets sold.
8 theaters completely sold out.
and 1,948 people (most of which were dressed head to toe in creative and colorful costumes) in their seats and viewing their movie on time.
I'd say it was a pretttyyyy successful night.
And I'd also like to point out that we ALL got TONS of compliments on our HP glasses...but I mean, can you blame us? We look good. ;)
I'm glad I work with such great people that make a shift that goes past 2am totally worthwhile.

And the weekend up ahead? 
It's gonna be pretty brutal to say the least. 
32 hours in four days straight.
6 already down.
Oh Harry Potter...the things I do for you!


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