Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day Five!

Alex and I on the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon
Cool Things About Day Five:

1.     Waking up earlier than any other day so far.
2.     Seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time in my life (and my God, it was absolutely breath taking…I want to go back and spend an entire weekend there)! But I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

this has to be one of my favorite pictures...I love the
people just looking out over the edge.
3.     Not realizing just how HUGE the Canyon was until I stepped up onto the edge.
4.     Watching Biff almost jump into the Grand Canyon after a squirrel…this is cool only because he didn’t actually succeed and he’s still here with us :)
Of course we had to take Biff too! :)

5.     Hearing and seeing all of the different nationalities at the Grand Canyon.
6.     Getting LOST at the Grand Canyon (can you blame us?...its huge!) and finding ourselves back at the entrance only to turn around and find our way back…and laughing about it the entire time!
7.     Seeing a GIANT elk  (well, we think it was an elk) stand about 3 feet away from our car…really…it was taller than the car!
8.     Seeing a monsoon head for the Grand Canyon right as we were leaving (lucky us)!


9.     Driving through the beautiful mountains of the Lake Mead National Park…they really came out of nowhere! And to see this beautiful lake running through all of the mountains was really a sight to see. Not to mention the hazy look that the clouds formed at the tops of the mountains.
 Lake Mead National Park

10. Driving through the rest of Arizona until we reached The Hoover Dam and Nevada!
Alex and I in front of the Hoover Dam
11. Seeing, for the first time ever, The Hoover Dam. (I never thought about the security that we would have to go through, but I guess it makes sense).
12. Enduring 105-degree desert heat!

 the water was sooo colorful!

13. Approaching the city of Las Vegas and driving down Las Vegas Blvd. (We drove through more of the older part, but it was just like they show it in all the movies…casino after casino, signs for the cheapest hotels, one wedding chapel after another, and bright lights everywhere…I think I’ll definitely have to take a trip back there once I’m older and more able to experience everything that it has to offer though).
14. Getting through a “car trouble scare”…we thought the Camry was going to break down on our drive through Vegas, but we pulled over, gave it some more oil, let it rest for a while, and were on our way!

 palm trees!

Las Vegas Blvd.
15. Driving the rest of the way alongside a beautiful sunset until we reached California, Las Vegas, and finally…Beverly Hills, to spend the night with our absolutely amazing friend, Brit :)
 We finally made it to California! That stretch definitely
seemed like the longest, probably because we were 
so excited to be done driving and out of the desert!
Our second Double Rainbow (although you can't really
see the other part of it in this picture)...that's good luck, right!?
And that’s all for now! I’m writing this on the road because I KNOW that Brit will have lots of stories to tell and lots of cool places to take us, meaning that I’m going to be absolutely exhausted by the time sleep rolls around! So I thought it would be a good idea to write it all down now :) So here I am, in the state of California…so unreal…we’ve finally made it. And I have almost four full days to look forward to here. I’ll keep you all posted! Until then, hope all is going just as well for everyone else as it is for us :)
 And let me just say that Biff is extreeeeemely 
happy to be here as well...he was such a trooper the entire trip!

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