Monday, July 11, 2011

Day Six in LA!

street art!

A Shortened Version of Day Six: Life in LA

Enjoying lunch at In N Out..and oh so good!
1. Enjoyed lunch at one of California's most popular fast food chains: In N Out. (cheeseburger, fries, and a chocolate milkshake. The menu is extreeemely simple, but they do incredibly well)!
2. Accompanying Alex in apartment hunting in Redondo Beach and being successful!
3. Coffee at Starbucks with Alex and Brit!
4. Exploring Hollywood (soooo different than what I expected it to be was like it's own little enclosed area, kind of like Time Square in NYC is as Alex put it, but not really any cars driving around in the main area. and lots of theatres where they have every movie premier imaginable)! And we're going to go back tomorrow so I promise, more pictures to come!
part of Hollywood
5. Seeing the Stars Walk of Fame and the concrete slabs where stars write their names and put their handprints onto. (I looked reaaallly hard for the Harry Potter cast one, but it wasn't out yet! Yeah, a little disappointed hahaha). 
6. Seeing the Hollywood sign waaayyyy up on the hill.
I know you can baaaarely see it at all, but if you look
really really realllly close, up on the hill in the upper left hand corner, you can see the famous Hollywood sign! I promise that it looked a lot closer in person! This was the view from Hollywood.
Center of Hollywood (see what I mean!?)
7. Meeting up with Alex's cousin to talk about his future employment and just about life in general (what a cool guy...tons of crazy stories)!
8. Seeing lots more on Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, and's really just a crazy place, because you can look at these buildings or warehouses that look like nothing, and then you find out that they're a production studio or something insane like's all just such a shock really.
9. Ending the night with LateNight tv with two awesome people and an even cooler puppy :)
 Steven Spielberg
Shirley Temple
Sorry if this entry sounded pretty lame...I promise you that the day was not lame at all! It's just so hard to really put this entire place into words STILL feels so unreal. Like, it shouldn't be a place where people feels too much like vacation (which, for me it is)...probably because the weather is so perfect and there are palm trees everywhere. The COMPLETE opposite of PA of course. It's crazy to think that Brit has been living here all summer and that Alex is just about to start his life here...

But anyway, tomorrow we plan on finally (attempting) to sleep in for the first time since our departure and then taking the day one minute at a time as to what we're going to do. And those kind of days are always my favorite so I'm really looking forward to it :) Until then, goodnight! 

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